3D Pop Up Encyclopedia (AR eBook) – Discover Insects & Bugs


Bring Insects & Bugs to life in 3D with EDUTOOLapps, no glasses required!

  • With EDUTOOLSapps, see a giant tarantula crawl and a bee buzz and fly, all on top of the pages of this book!
  • Titles available:
    1. Insects & Bugs
    2. The Earth
    3. The Five Senses
    4. Space
    5. Dinosaurs
    6. Human Body
    7. African Animals
    8. Sea Animals
    9. Farm Animals
    10. Rainforest Animals


Product details of 3D Pop Up Encyclopedia (AR eBook) – Discover Insects & Bugs

  • 3D Pop Up Encyclopedia (AR eBook)  series uses Hands-On Virtual (HOV), also known as augmented reality, to take kids into amazing 3D learning Environment.
  • A total of 16 pages for kids to study.
  • With the AR effect, book reading is now more fun and enjoyable.
  • Instructions were given clearly at the back page to ensure you to see the AR effect.

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